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Accumulation Program: FAQ

The Goldline Accumulation Program enables clients to buy exclusive bullion coins on a recurring basis at a fixed dollar amount. 1

How do I get started on the Accumulation Program?

  • Choose the dollar amount you wish to spend each accumulation period (minimum $200 per month)
  • Choose the gold or silver exclusive bullion coin you wish to acquire
  • Call Goldline to confirm the details and enroll in the Accumulation Program

How does the Accumulation Program work?

  • Purchases are made on the second Wednesday of every month
  • On the scheduled acquisition dates, clients will acquire the amount of precious metals their allocated investment can buy at the current selling price (ask price.) For example, if $200 a month is contributed toward the purchase of a 1/4 oz. gold Coral Sea coin and the current ask price is $1,000, 20% of the coin will be acquired. If the ask price the following month is $1,200, an additional 16% of the coin will be acquired.
  • Please note, because you are allocating a certain dollar amount per your payment schedule, you may not be able to acquire an entire coin with every purchase.

What dollar amounts may I choose?

  • You can accumulate precious metals in any increment of $200 or more.

What type of precious metals can I acquire?

  • You may acquire one type of coin from among the many gold and silver exclusive bullion coins.

What are the costs of the Accumulation Program?

  • Goldline provides free storage for coins with a total ask value of $5,000 or less. Any coins with a value above $5,000 are subject to storage fees as provided in our Account Agreement. 
  • Information regarding Goldline's pricing and storage fees can be found in the Account Agreement and Coin Facts for Investors and Collectors to Consider.

When do I receive delivery of my purchased coins?

  • After you have paid for a full coin or bar (via check or credit card,) your precious metals remain in storage until such time as you choose to take delivery.
  • You can take delivery of fully-paid coins at any time.
  • You will receive one free shipment every 12 months
  • Coins will be shipped to your account address within 7 business days of receipt of your request for shipment and, if applicable, receipt of your shipping fee.
  • Note: You may not take delivery until you have purchased an entire deliverable product (fully paid coins or bars).  Because you are paying a certain amount per your chosen schedule, you may not be able to accumulate an entire coin with every purchase. Your fractional purchases will accumulate and when you have purchased a complete coin, you may take delivery.

What if a selected product becomes unavailable?

  • Goldline will substitute the selected coin a different coin of the same quality and price as the original product.


The Accumulation Program continues until you provide notice of cancellation by: (1) requesting cancellation with an Account Executive; (2) cancelling with a Client Relations member at 800-280-5082; (3) upon receipt of notice of cancellation if sent via U.S. Mail at 11835 W. Olympic Blvd., Suite 500, Los Angeles, CA 90064 (or such other address as you may notified by Goldline in writing); (4) facsimile at 310-319-0265; or (5) Contact Us form.

Your credit card will be automatically charged each month in the amount you select at the beginning of the Accumulation Program (minimum $200).

  1. The Goldline Accumulation Program is not available in: Arizona; Illinois; Indiana; Iowa; Minnesota; Montana; New Hampshire; Rhode Island; or Utah.