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Goldline's Price Shield

Goldline's industry first Price Shield® allows you to secure unmatched price protection for up to six months for a low fee on qualifying full-priced purchases of gold and silver.

If the selling price of your precious metals is lower any time before your Price Shield® anniversary date, you may call Goldline and request your metals be repriced and we will make up the difference in additional metals.

If the price of your qualifying metals is lower on the Price Shield® anniversary of your purchase and you have not previously contacted Goldline to reprice your purchase, Goldline will AUTOMATICALLY make up the difference by providing free additional metals.

Goldline's Price Shield® is available for personal accounts and self-directed IRAs.

Call your Goldline Account Executive to learn more about this exclusive price protection program and current pricing: 800-963-9798.

Additional Requirements: Your qualifying purchase must be of a single type of metals (e.g 1/10th gold Legal Tender Bar). You may not exercise your right to reprice until Goldline receives payment, a signed Account Agreement and State Addendum, if applicable. Value of free coins is based upon the ask price of the metal on the date of repricing.